Australian Pink Floyd Show at Cadence Bank Amphitheatre

Australian Pink Floyd Show Tickets

Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park | Atlanta, Georgia

Australian Pink Floyd Show

This August 31, Cadence Bank Amphitheater will be filled with stunning visuals, elaborate lights and lasers, and multimedia displays synchronizing with the music of the one and only Pink Floyd. One of the best—if not the best— Pink Floyd tribute bands will bring back the music of the legendary band to Atlanta, Georgia. Pink Floyd fans, you are in for a treat as the Australian Pink Floyd Show delivers an unforgettable performance that faithfully recreates the magic and music of the legendary English band. Being active for over three decades, the Australian Pink Floyd Show has replicated the epic performances of the band, bringing an immense feeling of satisfaction to even the band's most loyal fans. To say that their tribute deserves a Grammy Hall of Fame induction on its own is an understatement. These guys are the real deal, and you will get the chance to witness their greatness this August 31 at the famous Atlanta venue. Get your tickets now and prepare to end your August with a bang! Buy your tickets now.

There are only a few bands that stood the test of time. If a band achieves this prominence, then it is sure that at one point in their career, they made a permanent indelible mark and caused enough stir up to influence the course of the music industry. Among these legendary bands is Pink Floyd. The '60s up until the '90s were their eras of domination. To this day, they are considered a legend among all legendary progressive rock bands. Their philosophical lyrics and experimentations were the first of their kind. They will never be forgotten because of these contributions to the rock music scene.

The rock scene of today would not achieve its current industry presence without Pink Floyd. Due to this, people still try to capture their command of rock music. Among these people are those who create tribute ensembles dedicated to the discography and the members of the legendary rock band. One of the best is the Australian Pink Floyd Show.

The Pink Floyd tribute band from Down Under is on a mission to continue the Pink Floyd legacy since 1988. The person behind it is a long-time fan of the band, Lee Smith. Under his leadership, the band slowly expanded throughout the years. It came to the point that they became part of the Pink Floyd legacy. Slowly, they earned the distinction as among the best Pink Floyd tribute bands in the world.

This year, the tribute band is coming to the US. Their tour will be visiting venues in Europe and North America. They will first touchdown in Europe, visiting France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, and Poland. After that, they will start their North American leg in the US and upwards to Canada.

Get ready to experience their rendition of "The Dark Side of the Moon," "Animals," "Wish You Were Here," The Wall," "Pulse," and many more.

If you are close to the Cadence Bank Amphitheatre, see The Australian Pink Floyd Show on August 31. It is time to reminisce, reexperience, and immerse yourself in the Pink Floyd enigmatic energy. Do not miss this concert as it will surely be a great time. Ticket sales are now available!

Australian Pink Floyd Show at Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park

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