The Coral Reefer Band at Cadence Bank Amphitheatre

The Coral Reefer Band Tickets

Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park | Atlanta, Georgia

The Coral Reefer Band

It’s time to gear up and bring some riveting ragers into your summer! This season marks a rip-roaring tribute the to the legendary singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett! The late tropical rock titan has brought music lovers a plethora of smashers, like “Margaritaville,” “Come Monday,” “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” and lots more! Now, if you think your island escape spectacles are over, you better think again! Buffet’s thrilling back up band, the Coral Reefer Band will be paying tribute to Buffett’s amazing work! This summer, the band hits the road and will serve a limited number of shows! When we say limited, it’s only a three-stop trek! Lucky for fans in Atlanta, Georgia, the Jimmy Buffett legacy showdown will be tearing up the Cadence Bank Amphitheatre! On Friday 2nd August 2024, you can experience the Coral Reefer Band bringing life to Buffett’s legendary catalog! This is totally a Buffett-approved string of gigs! So if you’re keen on celebrating the life and music of Buffett with the Coral Reefer Band, then quickly hit that Get Tickets link now!

If you’re like us – totally heartbroken over the passing of the legend – you should know that Jimmy Buffett’s incredible life and works live on through his remarkable music. The singer-songwriter has served his fans for over six decades. He profusely performed live shows, created epic parties, and even launched some iconic party cruises! Buffett was an absolute legend and catching his shows was indeed an “escape.”

This 2024, Buffett’s back up band, the Coral Reefer Band who played in his concerts and recorded with Buffett in his records will deliver three tribute shows. This band is gargantuan in terms of line-up, Buffett wasn’t known to hold back on production! So expect the full group conquering the stage. This limited spectacle will feature the same dynamic sound, same vision and same energy. Although it won’t be the same without Buffett, it’s an opportunity to pay tribute by performing his music as loud and as brilliant as ever. Coral Reefer Band will pull out all the stops and will be led by tenure steel pedal guitarist Doyle Grisham, who has been working with Buffett since 1974 and tenured keyboardist Michael Utley, who has been with the band since 1975. Other tenure members have been with Buffett since the ‘80s.

Imagine how epic this showdown will be as Buffett’s band serves his fantastic hits once more. This tribute show will take over the three key cities, including Atlanta, Georgia. Longtime Buffett fans have already expressed their excitement over this highly anticipated spectacle and demanded to know why there aren’t more shows. Ultimately, it’s just the start of something great, a heartfelt tribute that will let fans commemorate the valuable culture, lifestyle, and music that Buffett left behind.

According to the Coral Reefer Band, part of the proceeds from this mini-tour will benefit the Singing for Change, a foundation jump started by Buffett in 1995.

So whether you’re a longtime Jimmy Buffett fan or a newfound listener, this is your chance to join a grand celebration of his life and music. Go ahead, have fun, drink some refreshments, take a picture, and enjoy your time with friends, family and kindred spirits! It’s what Jimmy would have wanted!

The Coral Reefer Band at Cadence Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park

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